USS Hornet CV 8

USS Hornet CV 8
USS Hornet CV 8 under attack at Santa Cruz 1942

Saturday, October 6, 2012

How is this right?

This picture was taken at Kenmoor Middle school in Prince George's County Maryland. A county where I teach by the by:
And it's in the mail hallway at the school Now granted, PG is a liberal county and the education profession is liberal almost by definition these days. But how is this right? How can public schools paid by public funds have the right to post such blatant political posters? What would be the response if this was a line of posters of Mitt Romney? Or G.W. Bush? What are we doing in schools these days? Teaching our children life skills or indoctrinating politically? I'm not a Mitt Romney supporter by any stretch and I really don't want him to win. But this???? Really???? How can this be right???

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Foul hearted deserter captured!

This morning Pvt. Matthews of the Cadian Imperial Guard was picked up by MPs. The coward has been AWOL for some time and didn't report to this weekend's formation. It is believed that he was trying defect to the Eldar as he was found with one of their beastial Fire Dragons. He will be held in solitary until the company's transfer is completed later this week where he will face disciplinary hearings at his new duty post.
Look upon him, soldiers of Cadia, and know what fate awaits you if you fail in your sacred duty to the Emperor!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Corrections on the Artillery

Hi all,

Just noticed a few errors crept into the artillery cards so I updated them with the stats that I had in mind.

I wanted the Scout Artillery unit to be more powerful and flexible so that it could reflect that the Scout batteries were very well trained and reasonably equipped. The Philippine Army batteries, on the other hand, were recentally organized and many of them weren't finished training when the war broke out. Also, many batteries just didn't have the necessary fire control equipment that was necessary to fire indirect missions so they were used in purely direct fire modes. Later on I'll introduce a "better" PA artillery card that can fire indirect missions... there were a few that could according to the sources that I have.

Anyway here are the corrected cards:

This coming weekend I'll run a couple of games set during the early part of the Luzon Campaign pitting the 26th Cavalry, various Philippine Army units, and the tanks and SPMs against the full might of the Japanese 48th Division.

Should be a hoot!

Axis and Allies Philippines Custom Cards

Hi All,

Most of these cards are for the US, only one for the Japanese. I just didn't think that the current selection of US cards are enough to really cover for the wildly different troop types that were used in the Philippines. The current Japanese selection seems to fit the bill though.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scratch One Flattop!: Enterprise vs. Japan

Scratch One Flattop!: Enterprise vs. Japan: "While I'm at it here is a cool Youtube clip from Battle 360. It's the episode that you would see on TV by has been broken into 10ish minute..."

Enterprise vs. Japan

While I'm at it here is a cool Youtube clip from Battle 360. It's the episode that you would see on TV by has been broken into 10ish minute clips. It covers the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and how the carrier Enterprise participated in that deadly battle. Great Episode!